What is the Best Vibrating Foam Roller ?


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  • What is the best vibrating massage foam ?
  • What vibrating massage foam should I buy ?
  • What is a vibrating massage foam ? 

Here you will find the untold truth about vibrating massage foam. Let us guide you.

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1. EnjoyLife Vibrating Massage Foam

The most interesting Vibrating Massage Foam at the moment is the EnjoyLife Massage Foam, also called the ‘EnjoyFoam‘.
The EnjoyFoam is made from 3 layers which will give you extra support while it is very comfortable to use. The massage feeling and intensity is better than it’s competitors, while it’s still a comfortable massage. The engineers from EnjoyLife are doing a great job, creating this Vibrating Massage Foam.

  1. Trust Label n° 1 :  very clear websites, very clear return policy.  Enjoylife is the only massage product website with Whatsapp Customer service.
  2. EnjoyLife is Quality,  made by creative engineers. Their products are well developed and at better price.
  3. The battery is 8800 mAh and has an autonomy up to 8 hours
  4. 4 vibration levels: 30, 55, 75 en 98 Hz
  5. A new intensity range, offering you more diversity than other brands. This Massage Foam gives you more possibility when recovering from painful muscles.
  6. EnjoyLife products are constantly improving, offering you the best quality.
  7. Price is very good, compared to other brands. You can find the EnjoyFoam for 159 €.
  8. At the full intensity, this massage foam is quiet, almost making no noise.
  9. Free Delivery
  10. Verified customer service. We tested different customer services, Enjoylife gives the fastest replies and the best solutions.
  11. The only brand offering WHATSAPP CUSTOMER SERVICE
  12. Delivery everywhere, while they have local websites and warehouses all over.
  13. Available on multilangual websites. Isn’t that amazing ?
  14. enjoylifemassagegun.com – here you can find all offers
  15. usfitnessdeals.com (North America)
  16. nlfitnessdeals.com (Europe)
  17. routcrew.be (Europe – many languages)



2. Hyperice Vyper

  1. Quality : is good, but even after one year , wr donts see improvement. EnjoyLife is much better and Hyperice does not respond with new technology.
  2. The battery is 3000 mAh, autonomy up to only 2 hours. This is a low battery life.
  3. The range of intensity is unknown. Hyperice is not showing any technical data, beside a low power 40W motor.
  4. Improving : unfortunately, we never see Hyperice improving it’s products. We see this product as old-fashioned.
  5. Price is high, 199 USD, we didn’t find promotions. The Hyperice policy is doubtful, as this price is difficult to defend.
  6. Using this foam, the sound is acceptable quiet.
  7. Free Delivery
  8. Customer service : Hyperice still needs to work on troubleshooting. The name does not stand for high quality anymore.
  9. Delivery everywhere, shipment from USA



3. Emerge Vibr

  1. Quality : Emerge is built up with one kid of foam. The foam is very hard and may not be comfortable for you to use.  You have to order it and use it to be sure.  It comes in a green color.
  2. Same as the Hyperice, the battery is 3000 mAh, autonomy up to only 2 till 3 hours. This is a low battery life.
  3. The range of intensity is unknown. We miss the right information from Emerge.
  4. Is this foam well engineered, will it do what you want it to do ? The foam is quite hard, it will not be comfortable for everyone.
  5. Price is low as 70 USD, as you can notice on this price this is a Chinese brand.
  6. Using this foam, the sound is acceptable quiet.
  7. Free Delivery
  8. Customer service : As mentioned, you can return the product.
  9. Delivery everywhere, shipment from USA


While searching for a massage foam or any product, you will find other brands. Be careful.

  • Most webshops are not build to give you a customer experience
  • When buying online,  don’t expect to find quality on Amazon/Ebay/any similar selling platform. These websites are meant for cheap knock offs.


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