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What is a Neck Massager ?
What Neck Massager to buy ?

we compare neck massagers critically and with facts

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  • Which neck massager should I buy ?


Muscles can be treated in different ways. There is EMS and there is heat treatment. Let us explain you how it works.


Back in the days, Bruce Lee was already using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) treatment.  I’s a physical therapy and muscle spasm treatment that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles. This type of therapy can be used to relieve pain, improve blood circulation and promote healing.
When you improve your blood circulation, you also create many advantages :

  • Weight loss
  • faster healing
  • healthier skin
  • heart improvement.
  • relieve muscle pain 
  • improves skin 
  • improves nail and hair growth
  • eliminates erectile dysfunction
  • improves your immune system 
  • boosts every organ to function properly
  • improves your energy and concentration level 



Heat helps soothe sore muscles. It works best for injuries that are at least a few days old. Next to that, heat opens blood vessels which can assist the healing process and relieve pain.  Additionally, the heat improving blood flow makes arthritis and stiff joints disappear.
The heat will also soften the tight muscles and tissues so that the percussion, kneading or vibration is more effective and safer because you’ll be able to relax more deeply—your muscles won’t be ‘fighting’ against the massage pressure, which in some cases can cause more damage.


When you combine the EMS and heat treatment in one massager, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of both and it will make you feel much better. 



  1. Most comparison websites are affiliate marketing websites.
    What does that mean ?  When you visit that website, you will find a link to a promoted product. Once you buy, the comparison website receives a commission.  So actually, these websites are not helping you.  examples :,,,,,,  amazon,,,, …  Do not trust all the information you read online. These websites want to sell you massage guns with no cooling holes, fixed battery, and this means cheap knock offs and bad quality. Avoid these websites.
  2., this website is from Amazon, they will guide you to their products.
  3. Slaapwijsheid and dokterfit are identically the same, which is an illegal practice, leading you to Bol.  Internet can be savage.
  4. Never buy a product you can only find on Marktplaats, Faire, Amazon, Bol, Ebay, because it will always be a cheap knock-off, sold by an unknown seller
  5. This website is not an affiliate marketing website.    We compare since 2019 and we guide you through the internet jungle without sending you to fake websites.   We do not receive money from companies to share their link. We come with facts and we are depending on your support. Did we help you find the right massage gun ? Feel free to give us your support. Here you will find a true and honest guide in your search for the massage gun that fits your needs.  Therefore, we believe doing a great job. If you notice a mistake on this website, let us know.


Should I buy at Faire / Bol / Amazon / Ebay / Wish / Decathlon ? 

Don’t buy your products here, you will only find cheap Chinese knock-offs.  We stronlgly recommend to buy your massage gun from serious and branded websites.


How to choose my neck massager ?

  1. choose for a neck massager that is small and efficient. No one wants a bag around the neck that is complicated to carry.
  2. Light weight is good, but too light weight means bad quality. When buying a small neck massager, you need 0.2 kg
  3. Make sure to have different modes and different intentions
  4. Never buy a product you can only find on Amazon, Bol, Ebay, Wish, Faire, etc … These websites only offer you cheap knock offs.



What is the Best Neck Massager ?

Our Choice  :


1. EnjoyLife Neck Massager  :  9 / 10


Since 2021, we suggest EnjoyLife Neck Massager as our first choice. We love it ! EnjoyLife is the best quality for a fair price, and that is why it is the most popular brand. EnjoyLife is one of the founders of the massage gun and is on the market since beginning of 2019. Buying this massage gun, you buy a brand with a good reputation. EnjoyLife always improves their massage guns, and is state-of-the-art.  Many low-cost brands try to imitate the Enjoylife, but do not succeed.  In detail, read the following :

  1. Trust Label n° 1 :  very clear websites, very clear return policy.  Enjoylife© has excellent Customer service.
  2. EnjoyLife© is Quality,  We like how EnjoyLife is always ahead of other brands. For exemple, EnjoyLife is upgrading it’s products for the 6th time in 4 years.
  3. You will have a 24V device that is made to last forever. You might think it’s the same product as other brands, but it’s not. The configuration of EnjoyLife is top of the market, we have a few reasons to say this.  Many therapists use EnjoyLife© on a frequently base.
  4. The battery is 1800 mAh and is a better build than average, autonomy is up to 2 hours
  5. In case you want a neck massage gun for healing, this is top choice.
  6. Update summer of 2022  :  The EnjoyLife Neck Massager has now 3 modes and 15 intentions. We strongly recommend.
  7. EnjoyLife© is constantly improving it’s technology and offers you the best quality for reasonable price.
  8. The price for the regular EnjoyLife© is 199 €, and mostly you will find a promotion on their website. We suggest.
  9. Verified customer service. We tested different customer services, Enjoylife gives the fastest replies and the best solutions.
    Even available on Whatsapp, no one else gives you that service.
  10. You can buy spare parts as well. And this is why you should buy it. A trusted brand offers spare parts as well.
  11. Delivery everywhere, while EnjoyLife© has local websites and warehouses.
  12. Available on multilangual websites.



The next neck massage are acceptable, but  !

We consider these products as too high priced while quality can be doubted



Donnerberg  : 2/10


Donnerberg is advertising as a German brand, but unfortunately it is a Chinese cheap knock-off.  It is no better quality than the other cheap non-branded neck massagers you find everywhere.  Meaning, you pay too much for this device. 

  1. The battery autonomy is pretty low, because it’s only up to 150 minutes
  2. 4 to 6 attachments
  3. this is a 12 V device, meaning the massage experience is not really high
  4. Improving : not really. This is a Chinese knock-off
  5. Price is extremely high, from 189 € till 229 €
  6. Free Delivery
  7. There are no reviews on the site, that is dubious



Sanbo  :  2/10

Sanbo is a dropshipping supplier, selling all cheap Chinese products to Europe. All is offered on a cheap price, we do not recommend to buy these products.  This type of massager you will find everywhere, because it all comes from the same factory. It comes with a logo but it is not branded.

  1. marketing pictures are Chinese, showing you the cheap origin.
  2. price is 55 €, do nt expect quality.



Auronic  :  2/10 

Auronic is not a brand, it’s a dropshipped product from China, coming from the same factory as the other neck massagers.



Lifeproducts  :  2/10



Homedics  :  2/10



Medisana  :  2/10