• Does the massage gun come with a case?  No, but you can order a nice zippered carrying case.
  • What is the life of the battery?  More than 3 hours hours, depending on the used speed
  • Is the battery removable?  Yes, the battery can be easily removed for travel.
  • How many batteries does it come with?  The device comes with 1 battery.
  • How many attachments are included with the massage gun?  It comes with 4 massage heads.
  • Is the angle of the massage gun adjustable?  No, it’s only been used in one direction, but it’s easy to handle
  • How many operating speeds does the massage gun have?  The EnjoyLife has three operating speeds.
  • Is it able to be stalled or stopped by applying pressure/force? It is not able to be stalled easily when force is applied.
  • What noise level does the massage gun operate at?  The EnjoyLife is the most quiet massage gun. Operates under 60 dB
  • Price Range: 199 $ This is the real deal !



Before you start using a Massage Gun, you need be sure you have no damaged tissue. Because a damaged tissue can get harmed more when massaging too hard. You have to start massaging at a low intention, increasing while using (unless it hurts).

Using the TimTam, this is already kind of an issue. This massage gun has only one speed, which means you can not adjust well according to the muscle group you are massaging. For some applications, you truly need a second (and a third) speed. The TimTam can be good when used for the right aim, but unusefull for other applications.

When you are using the Theragun, you will notice more power and more deep tissue job. That can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Because this massage gun is working in an agressive way, it is also meant for restricted use. Using the Theragun for the wrong application can cause harm to your muscles.

When using the Hypervolt, you will notice more diversity. This massage gun has three speed settings, which gives you more security of use. We are able to slown down the speed in case the treatment hurts. This massage gun is more sofisticated and give you already more value for the money.

The EnjoyLife gives you the biggest and best diversity. Using this massage gun, you can choose from 1800 to 3200 percussions per minute. This is really useful, using the massage gun for more purposes.

The EnjoyLife has the best and most diverse speed setting.  For this reason, we strongly recommend  this massage gun.  The gentle touch (1800 percussions/minutes) of the EnjoyLife can be used for more sensitive tissue, while other massage guns are just too agressive.


I think we all want to buy a quiet massage gun. We often use the massage gun with other people around us (sport federations, therapists) , so it would be comfortable to be able to talk while using the massage gun. When we were using the TimTam, it was like someone was using a drill machine. This massage gun makes that much noise, it sounds like it could explode every moment.

Using the Theragun, we were still not able to speak. Ok, it is more quiet than the TimTam, but still the noise is too much. Com’on guys, we live in 2019. Who engineered this massage gun ? This can be better !

While using the Hypervolt, we were finally able to talk which eachother and understand eachother.  Even using it at 3200 percussions a minute, this massage gun is still quiet. This is how it should be.

When we started using the EnjoyLife, we noticed still a small change. The EnjoyLife almost makes no noise, is more quiet than the Hypervolt. The reason behind this is the stronger built. The EnjoyLife is equipped with a stronger engine, which means it doesn’t have to work that hard. Thinking about the lifetime of the massage gun, this is very interesting.


All the massage guns we tested have a weight of approximately 2.5 lbs, so it’s very lightweight to hold. Some people say that the Theragun and the TimTam is more ease of use, other will go for the EnjoyLife or the Hypervolt. This is a matter of personal taste. All the machines are strong enough to press in your tissue for deeper massage, you can also quickly move across shoulders and other areas with ease.

The Best points are for the EnjoyLife, because of the 3 speed settings and the diversity. In case you are injured, the EnjoyLife guarantees safest use because of the slow intention, 1800 percussions per minute.


The TimTam comes standard with one plug. You may found it not enough, since you need more plugs to reach all muscle groups.

The Theragun G3, Hypervolt and EnjoyLife come all with 4 plugs, which is good and sufficient. It offers you the possibility to massage all your muscle groups.

The Theragun G3Pro is the only massage gun which comes with a carrying case and 6 plugs … But it costs you 200 USD on top. That is a lot of money for 2 plugs more and a bag.

EnjoyLife offers you a comfortable lightweight case for only 39 USD.

When it comes to attachments and accessories, the EnjoyLife gives you the best deal.


Before you read this, you need to know how batteries work, and how to deal with them : Every battery has limited charging cycles . (Yes, as well the battery of your phone) Most batteries are limited to 1000 charging cycles. This means, for every time you connect your battery to the charger, you consume a cycle. Yes, that means, when you charge your device 3 times a day, your battery will be at the end of it’s life in just one year ! So when buying an electronic device, always check the strength of the battery. The lower the battery’s strength, the faster you will need to replace it.

The battery of the Theragun will last for 35 minutes. This means, when using intense, you will need to charge the battery once or twice a day.

The TimTam is equipped with a battery which lasts 45 minutes, which needs to be charged once  till 1.3 times a day.

The Hypervolt battery, you will need to charge once in 2 days.

The EnjoyLife battery is the strongest one with the biggest lifetime, it only needs a charge every 3 or 4 days. These charging tables will depend on the way you use your massage gun, depending on the speed settings.


Pricing is always a complicated thing. Sometimes you can find really good stuff for an interesting price, another moment you find very expensive things which are not worth the investment.  When buying a massage gun, this is not different.

The Theragun G3Pro is 599 USD, but you can always buy the G3 for half the money (299 USD)

The Hypervolt is better priced – 399 USD. But still, we find this expensive and we hesitate if that is worth the money.

The TimTam is only 249 USD, but has a cheap build. It didn’t bring a smile on our face.

The EnjoyLife is a solid massage gun, has a small increased weight but you will not notice while using. It is a sign of better quality.  At the moment, you will find a promotion that should be considered. The EnjoyLife is offered for only 199  USD. Links to the websites at the bottom of this page.


  1. EnjoyLife Massage Gun  – 199 USD

  2. Hypervolt – 399 USD

  3. Theragun G3 – 299 USD

  4. Theragun G3Pro – 599 USD

  5. TimTam – 249 USD

Why is The EnjoyLife Massage Gun the most interesting massage gun we can find ?

  • The build quality is better than the other massage gun. When you look at the battery life, you already have a winner.

  • The range of percussions per minute.  The EnjoyLife is the only massage gun you can use for all kind of treatments.

  • The price – 200 till 300 USD is the right price for a massage gun. At this moment, the EnjoyLife is offered in the USA for 199 USD.

  • USA AND CANADA : You can buy the EnjoyLife Massage Gun  here

  •  EUROPE : You can buy the EnjoyLife Massage Gun here (Belgium) and here (Holland)

  • UK : You can buy the EnjoyLife here